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Vintage Tattoo Stickers

Vintage Tattoo Stickers

* Made in U.S.A.
* Printed 19851985
* Multiple Sets For Sale – Follow Instagram account
*17 Classic Tattoo Stickers.

sexy tattooed man

Tattoos Are Cool! Guess where I got tattooed? Tattoos are forever, Life Is Not… Get one before you rot!
No Pain, No Gain
colored tattoo of

Shit Happens! The only difference between Tattooed People & Non Tattooed

People is that Tattooed People are alot more Cool and can Kick your Ass!

colored tattoo of

Tattooed people come in all colors, Tattoos get you Sex too!

tattooed mom

Tattooed people do it better and I love my tattooed man.

They found something that does the work of 5 men! 1 Tattooed Woman!!!

tattooed working woman

great tattoos

The one who dies with the most Tattoos Wins!!!

 sexy womans tattoo

sexy tattoo

Tattooed Mom! Life without a tattoo is boring… I Love Tattoos

 cool tattoos

tattoos get you sex

Life without a tattoo is pretty boring, Get Tattooed

Tattoos last a life time…

tattoo stickers
* 3” x 1” / 78mm x 27mm

Very Good condition for the age…
*See photos for reference.

*Yes, they still stick 👍

🛑For Sale🛑 Sets #1 #2 #3 #4 
€50.- worldwide shipping included
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