Antique & Vintage Tattoo Memorabilia

For Sale or Trade

Historical Tattoo Collectors Objects, Lots and Consignments of all Tattoo related stuff!

Oldest Electric Tattoo Machine

  • Ethnic Tattoo and cultural-specific items from diverse populations
  • Items related to the Tattoo Supply industry and business
  • Wartime tattoo items from all wars , only those connected directly to tattooing
  • Vintage Tattoo artwork, Tattoo Flash, Tattoo Portfolios, Tattoo business signs and Tattooing business cards
  • Tattooing tools and equipment, both Vintage & Antique
  • Vintage tattoo related postcards, Old Tattoo Photos, Newspaper Articles, Clippings about Tattoos & Tattooing
  • Tattoo Magazines from the world over in multiple languages.
  • Tattoo Convention Posters, Tattoo Artist Prints
  • Old Tattoo Machines & Tattooing Tools

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