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Original Bob Roberts “Rock of Ages” Auction

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Bob Roberts 1946 – 2022

“Rock of Ages” Original Artwork Auction

Entitled “Rock of Ages”(2008) this original artwork by Bob Roberts was created at Spotlight Tattoo Studio in Los Angeles, California.

Bob Roberts Artwork Rock of Ages


This American Traditional Tattoo Design artwork was included in the Yellowman clothing line by the late Peter Mui (1953 – 2009)

This tattoo themed artwork was used to produce long sleeve shirts that were printed in both Color and Sepia. * see photos

  • Size: 30″ x 22″ 76.2cm x 59cm
  • Artist: Bob Roberts
  • Year: 2008
  • Signed “B R”
  • Origin: Los Angeles, California USA

Bob Roberts Tattoo Artist
Bob Roberts
is a tattoo artist from Los Angeles. He started tattooing in 1973 at the Pike and studied under Bob Shaw and Col. Bill Todd for 3 years. Then he worked under Cliff Raven for a couple years. After that he moved to San Francisco and worked beneath Ed Hardy for 3 years. He opened his first shop in New York City called Spotlight Tattoo but eventually moved back to Los Angeles and opened a shop there. Bob Roberts died on 27 May 2022


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