You are currently viewing Horiyoshi III – Original Artwork

Horiyoshi III – Original Artwork

Horiyoshi III – Artwork

Horiyoshi III born 1946 as Yoshihito Nakano is a master of  Irezumi or Horimono, the art of tattooing large scale Japanese designs.

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From the living legend, Japanese tattoo artist Horiyoshi III.

This item is an original Horioshi III
Size: 48cm x 65cm
Year: 2004
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Origin: Yokohama, Japan
Entertaining Offers on this beautiful piece of artwork from the master of Irezumi. This is original artwork, not a print or reproduction.
The artistic brush strokes are amazing, it is stunning to view and this author is saddened to depart with it.

The subject is a FooDog, Lion Dog is meant to ward off evil spirits, this is a Japanese Foo Dog named Komainu.

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horiyoshi III Irezumi
Horiyoshi 3 artwork
Among Horiyoshi III‘s published works  “Tattoo designs of Japan”
136 Ghosts, 108 Heroes of the Suikoden, 100 Demons, 58 Musha, The Namakubi (a collection of drawings of severed heads). This Japanese tattoo artist has been a leading inspiration to many of the worlds top tattoo artists of today.